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Wireless Home Automation

We are delighted to launch Wireless Home
Automation in Bahrain. Which can reduce costs,
convenient to users and it can save energy.
The name of the Brand we are focusing on is eGlu

eGlu Home and Office Automation

What is the minimum requirement to install eGlu?
You just need a Wi-Fi router with an internet connection to setup eGlu. This is the only requirement for Home and Office Automation in Bahrain
What do you mean when you say eGlu is totally wireless?
When we say totally wireless, we really mean it. eGlu products are not shipped with any cables or adapters. You either plug in the devices directly into power sockets or they run on battery. eGlu HUB, which is our central controller, is a pluggable device and connects to your WiFi router using Wi-Fi.

Yes of course. eGlu has been designed to give you that flexibility. And you don’t have to spend big bucks to get started. Buy our affordable starter kits which come pre-configured. Once you know the product, you can purchase additional devices based on your requirements. Adding a new device to your existing kit is very easy. This flexibility allows you to pay for only what you need and when you need. Biztech is providing the best  Home and Office Automation in Bahrain

Home and Office Automation in Bahrain