The world is totally changed, so is the style of fish marketing. From basket to cycles to motorbikes. And now marketing fish through online platform. Yes, it has become a truth. The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has come out with a new innovation for fish marketing. An online fish marketing platform with a multi-vendor e-commerce website and a mobile app named ‘Marinefishsales’  in Kochi.

Online fish marketing platform

Now the fishermen in Kochi can sell their fresh fish easily and fastly  through few clicks on  their mobile. And payment is avilable on cash-on delivery mode. The main merit of this app is fish vendors can sell their fish without depending middleman so that the profit directly shared among the fisherman and farmers group without allowing middleman to share their profits.

‘Marinefishsales’ app is developed under the National Innovations on Climate Resilient  Agriculture(NICRA). Fishermen and Fish farmers can register in the app based on their products to sale and update their stock availability in order to market their fish through online. NICRA provide training to fisherman groups to know more about e-commerce website and mobile app that will be a great help for  common people. Unique login credentials provided to each registered fish vendors to update their product details.

I am sure that this innovation is very helpful for fish vendors  financially. And  also make their marketing process more simple and effective.  NICRA state that this service will be extended to other districts in accordance with the progress of Kochi project. However, the Malayalees can buy and sell their fish through online by using mobile without wasting time and facing another kind of disturbance. The app ‘Marinefishsales’ will be activate within two weeks in the market.

World digitalizing day to day and Technology growing magically through different ways with fabulous ideas. Follow them and try to make something on your own…..  I’m not compelling, just try it and enjoy……. maybe tomorrow is your day. To create an ecommerce online store or mobile application, you may contact us – An exclusive ecommerce agency

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