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Mobile users in the world increasing day by day. People depending mobile for their daily activities especially for shopping. Mobile commerce shortly called m-commerce became a trend now. M-commerce changes human lifestyle. It changes the shopping process more easier and fast. Amazon, Wish,  zulily are the best examples of prominent e-commerce app that people depending today mostly for their shopping. 0nline shopping is increasing and the necessity for m-commerce app (Mobile-app)  growing every day.

Ways to Capitalize on m-commerce

Today, demand for the mobile app for e-commerce company increasing in the market.  Consumers spend most of their time and income on the top digital-shopping app like Amazon for their shopping, especially on holidays. I think for coming days people depend more on online shopping more than offline in order to save money, time and also avoid the usual disturbance like heavy traffic etc. So this is the era of m-commerce because people need all things as soon as possible without wasting their time. Retailers should work hard for their existence in this digitalized market. Let’s go through some ways to capitalize e-commerce companies on Mobile App.

Limit the Checkout Time

Now we are living in ‘Want it Now’ world. All are busy and no time for anything.They need everything as soon as possible. Only the fast process can exist now because no one has time to wait for anything. If you are slow then your place will be at the end. This is the situation of today market.

If your site took so much time for checkout, then the customer feel bored and they will quit it, maybe your company provides the branded thing but that is not a matter here because time is precious for customers in their shopping process. So limit your checkout time from minutes to seconds then raise your m-commerce customers. Amazon’s ‘one-click checkout’ is the best example for the mobile app which took less time for checkout process while shopping.

Promote products and Push notification service

Push notifications is a tricky way to promote products and catch customer’s attention. It helps to remain the users about the products and engage absent users. This notification service is very helpful for users to know more about new things happening in m-commerce app. According to the survey report, about  52% of smartphone users have enabled these notifications on their phones.

‘Mobile push notification service’ help the users to maintain a deep link to the Mobile app. It helps the customers to update their app information instantly. It is a simple, fast and inexpensive method to impress your users and capitalize your mobile app.

Mobile Personalization

Mobile personalization is one of the most important aspects of mobile apps today. It helps to create fabulous user experience. Every product reaches its 100% only when it meets user needs. User experience is an essential thing to exist in this competitive online marketing.

Personalisation is another method that sends the user recommendations, tips and tricks, about the smartphone they’re using to impress users individually. The data on an app can determine which products and information are relevant to different groups of users. This type of personalization has led to users finding perfect with better user experience and user satisfaction.

Social mechanisms to turn mobile App

Social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc have an unavoidable role in marketing strategy. It is the cheapest and attractive way to impress customers. Social interactions can enhance app functionality and performance by linking content to social media channels with a mobile site. And it will create wonderful results when it is inherent to an app’s configuration.

When an e-commerce company adds any of their adds in these social channels, the users can access the e-commerce site easily without facing the login process by simply clicking the add. It will increase user experience and removes the shopping difficulties, which users frequently face with mobile sites and modifies the possibility of a returning customer.

Are you a retailer to thinking about a mobile app for your e-commerce company? Why are you waiting for? This is the correct time to create it? Mobile apps will give you good result and profit for your e-commerce company. M-commerce is a great concept to apply in digitalized marketing. It’advantages are numerous and possibilities are out of our brain. Mobile users and online shoppers increasing day by day. I am sure that the Mobile-apps is going to frame the e-commerce for upcoming days and it will create a magical change in online marketing.

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